Our firm ensures legal Consultancy Services in Uganda at affordable fees. We work with a team of qualified lawyers, advocates, attorneys and partner reputable law firms in the country. All our legal team members are registered members of Uganda Law Society and possess the necessary credentials for legal practice. Over the years, we have had exceptional success in the industry ensuring professional legal services to clients in Uganda and Overseas.

Our Services

We ensure a number of legal consultancy services to clients at competitive fees. The said legal consultancy services in Uganda are tailored to suit each client’s specific needs.

Some of the services include the following;

  • Litigation.  This involves representation of clients in the courts of law.  Through us, our legal partners have represented over 500 clients in the areas of civil, criminal, commercial, among others as areas of law practice.
  • Debt Recovery Services. We work as agents of creditors, both individuals, companies and institutions. Through our debt recovery strategies, you are able to recover your cash on time from late paying clients or defaulters.
  • Contract Analysis. Our team helps you to have your contract analyzed from the legal perspective. This helps clients to sign contracts with better understanding of the content. In cases where the contract requires translation, we have a team of competent linguists with legal background to undertake this job.
  • Company Registration/ Business Setup or Incorporation. We help individuals and groups to register/ incorporate their companies or businesses in Uganda with relevant authorities. Our members are familiar with all the registration processes so you may have your business legally registered and Setup in the country. We serve clients within Uganda and those overseas with prospects of Setting up business ventures in Uganda. We also help foreign companies based in Uganda in smoothening their operations. This can be through market study, Fund management, legal and tax matters, Drafting collaboration agreements, debt recovery services and government representation services. Through us, over 2000 companies / business entities have been registered in Uganda.
  • General Legal Consultancy. Our legal partners provide expert and professional legal advice to businesses and individuals on all legal issues.  Fees are reasonably priced depending on the nature of the client request.

For all your legal needs in Uganda therefore, please get in touch with us today with the details and one of our legal advisers will definitely get in touch. You may contact us by email at info@igloosconsultancyservices.com  or give us a call. Our team looks forward to facilitate your smooth entry into one of the fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa.