Legal Consultancy Services in Uganda

Our firm provides Legal Consultancy Services  in Uganda and globally. Legal consulting simply refers to making inquiries and finding solutions to the said inquiries. Here, the key aspect is to find legal solutions to legal problems.

Igloos Consultancy Services has competent partners inform of law firms and individual lawyers in Uganda and globally for all our client’s legal solutions.

The said partners and individuals have for a long period provided our clients with fulfilling legal solutions in all legal areas such as Criminal, civil, commercial, land matters, Immigration, among others.

Our Legal Team

Our firm has professional and qualified lawyers who are also advocates and solicitors to provide expert legal advice and support to clients.

Most importantly, our legal team in Uganda consists of lawyers, advocates and solicitors who are fully registered with the Uganda law society.

Besides, we have on several occasions represented clients with exceptional success hence winning high reputation in the country and beyond the Ugandan borders.

Why you should work with us

When we conducted our regular client surveys and sought our client reviews, the majority of our clients gave impressive reasons why they would rather work with us instead of our competitors. Some of the reasons they gave are as below;

  • High level of confidentiality. We know that in law confidentiality is Sacred hence we ensure that there is highest level of confidentiality between our lawyers and the clients. Due to this, we guarantee that no information whatsoever should be divulged to a third party when dealing with legal matters. We therefore know that confidentiality is both an ethical requirement and a legal requirement. With us therefore you can be sure that your information is safe hence our client trust.
  • Competitive legal fees. We recognize the fact that clients sometimes have limited budgets when seeking legal services, Due to this, we listen and endeavor to work within the client budget.
  • We are accountable for whatever we do.
  • We put our clients at the front and center. Our services are consistent and timely and we have established and clear protocols which enable us to manage our clients expectations