Education Consultants in Uganda

We are the leading Education  Consultants in Uganda. Igloos Consultancy Services offers a continuum of services so as to meet the individual needs of our clients. We work with schools, organizations dealing in education, networks and foundations. This allows our clients to assess and improve the quality of their services and build better capacity for better results.

We help to build capacity of educators so as to build practical strengths to address the identified areas of growth

Besides, our Education Consultants provide independent and professional guidance in the field of education. With a team of experienced educators, you can therefore be sure of getting a professional Service. Additionally, we have a team of curriculum designers and developers, Language tutors, Motivational speakers and Professional Counselors.

Through our staff development programs, Our education Consultants in Uganda help teachers , administrators, and different stakeholders in education to improve the quality of curricular and school policies.

What we actually do

  • Leadership Support and development. Research  and experience indicate that school leadership plays a pivotal role in both School performance and student performance. It is also said that great leadership influences performance hence making great teaching and learning possible.Our organization helps to build capacity of great principles through leadership development and coaching. This takes the form of a one on one engagement with an experienced coach or a group approach where coaching is done for several groups in an educational setting.
  • Quality development Reviews. This works for schools that are aiming at fundamental growth from good to better or poor to better for that matter. We help to assess your school’s needs, develop action plans and implement them with both leadership and instructional support. With this, you can be sure of unprecedented improvement.
  • Staff development. We have various staff development programs for different industry fields. Our team helps your staff to become better through a series of development programs undertaken in a given setup.
  • Staff Recruitment. Our team of experienced administrators in different sectors helps your organization to identify the best talents to work with. We recruit , mentor and develop the best talent for your organization.
  • General Education guidance. We guide, mentor and offer professional support regarding education matters in Uganda. Our partners here are usually organizations dealing in education programs, school proprietors, government , Foundations, non-governmental organizations, among others