Interpretation Equipment

Our company has state of art Bosch made Interpretation equipment for hire  in Kampala and across the region. Besides, we also have Restmoment Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and Yarmee Tour guide (wireless) Interpretation system with FM Transmission.  We hire out Simultaneous interpretation equipment in Kampala and across Africa for any type of event. Additionally, we provide professional and competent interpretation systems technicians to install and manage the equipment while in use. Besides, we have a competent team of interpreters experienced in simultaneous interpretation in any occasion. Some of the countries we currently serve include; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Niger, Zambia, Central African Republic, Comoros, among others

Our team of accomplished interpreters are native speakers of the languages they handle. Again, they have professional training in conference interpretation and have vast experience providing the said services.

We are currently supplying Simultaneous interpretation services to numerous clients in Uganda and across Africa. Our equipment is portable hence easy to move from one destination to another. We also have ISO certified table top portable booths. Some of the clients we currently serve include reputable organizations such as UN bodies, hence trust and confidence of clients across the region.

A little about Interpretation Equipment in Kampala

Simultaneous interpretation equipment, also referred to as Simultaneous interpretation systems is a set of equipment mostly used in conferences to enable effective communication between delegates speaking diverse languages. These may be speaking languages from the same country of from different countries.

With our state of art Simultaneous interpretation equipment, competent conference interpreters and technicians, you can be sure of quality services.

How does Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment work?

Interpreters use Simultaneous interpretation equipment to provide interpretation. They sit in a sound proof booth to interpret simultaneously into target languages. The delegated in the conference hall listen to the interpretation through headphones plugged into the delegate microphones and or receivers. Receivers have channels where the delegates are able to choose the language in which they would wish to have the message relayed.

Do you require state of art simultaneous interpretation equipment in Kampala and or competent conference interpreters in Kampala, please get in touch with us today with details of your event. You may email us at or call +256704699708. Our response to your inquiry shall always be swift!