Igloos Language School

Igloos language school was established as part of Igloos Consultancy Services language department. The school offers a range of language services and courses mostly African and European. Our Language lessons are offered both online and in-person.

As a result of increasing demand from public and private organizations, Igloos language school offers in-house language courses designed in-line with the organizations specific needs, requirements and interests.

We pride in the quality of our team and services hence excellent services. All languages are taught by native speakers with distinguished experience in instruction.

Justification to learn

In today’s world which is described as a global village, it is inadequate to speak one language. Knowing several languages is pivotal in connecting with people and places. By knowing many languages, one is able to connect with places and people as first as possible without facing a challenge of language barrier. Besides, it lessens the travel costs since you may not require an interpreter.

The need to learn multiple languages has especially been facilitated by the growth and development of technology and internet.

Again, in the professional perspective, speaking multiple languages also opens multiple career opportunities. Understanding and fluency in many languages therefore translates to multiple career opportunities.

Besides, employers look for applicants who have vital experience and skills which outshine those possessed by others. In many cases, proficiency in many languages is seen as an added advantage in employee recruitment and hiring. This fact is clearly indicated in some advertisements where proficiency in a particular language is expressly indicated as an added advantage.

With this in mind, our school has a team of expert tutors and instructors for several languages such as English, Luganda, Swahili and French. Due to their level of experience and expertise, they help you to learn a language of your choice as first as possible.

Additionally, we have digital literature which could aid your fast learning of the language hence making it a fast reality.

We have flexible classes that suit each learner’s schedule and all lessons are conducted by experienced and qualified tutors.

Why you should enroll with us

Igloos Consultancy Services is one of the leading consultancy firms in Uganda for language related services. As part of the mother firm, Igloos language school is fully committed and adheres to the principle of excellence.

Our services follow stringent Quality assurance procedures due to our belief in quality and keenness to detail. Besides, our instructional approach is based on sound research hence facilitating effective learning.