Igloos Consultancy Services provides Translation Services for all clinical trial management and linguistic validation of Clinical Outcomes Assessment, all at a reasonable cost. We have vast experience in several fields such as regulatory affairs, documenting medical devices and in therapeutic areas in medical practice.

Our team is fully dedicated to quality service delivery and value added services to ensure accurate completion of client projects. We also believe in continuous improvement of our working methodologies, techniques and processes as well as adapting to each client’s specific needs while delivering quality services on time. Our work is essential in aiding the work of several stakeholders in Life Sciences industry by enabling effective communication in several target languages.

We believe that our clients rely on our expertise and creativity in overcoming their translation challenges which may be impediments to the effective implementation of their programs and a limitation to continuous expansion of their business to the global village.

Our company provides translation services and linguistic validation in more than 250 languages spoken across the globe.

Examples of Documents we translate

  • Clinical Trial Consent forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Reports
  • Any other document