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The below qualities must be exhibited in a professional language service provider for quality services. Clients therefore ought to see that a service provider possesses the below qualities before hiring their services.

  • Only undertakes assignments that they are competent to fulfill
  • Does not accept any work that in their opinion, is intended for unlawful or dishonest purposes or is contrary to the public interest
  • Is fair in all the dealings with clients , subcontractors, employees, other language professionals, fellow members and the public in order to establish and maintain good working relationships
  • Does not make any unsupported or misleading claims in any publication, marketing or promotional material, documentation or elsewhere
  • Treats all material and or information received from clients in the course of business as highly confidential and not to use any such materials for personal or financial gain
  • Ensures that each of its employees and subcontractors signs and upholds a non-disclosure agreement
  • Adheres to all the terms of any service agreements with clients, including service to be provided , special instructions , cost and deadlines ; should it become impossible to observe such an agreement for any reason whatsoever, the client shall be consulted at the earliest opportunity concerning a solution or alternative course of action
  • Guided in negotiating remuneration by the principle of equitability and in particular refrains from charging excessive rates
  • Enters into and observes service agreements with their freelance teams and states their expectations clearly prior to contracting such freelancers for any work
  • Uses on competent, experienced language workers qualified to carry out an assignment successfully
  • Bound by an arbitration process established by a professional language body that it is a member
  • Always upholds the highest ethical and moral standards in their dealings with clients, employees, and subcontractors and in the exercise of the language practice occupation
  • Takes part in all the activities of the professional body in which it is a member and always conducts themselves in such a way that their conduct and the quality of service will be to the credit of the client and professional body.

For Professional Translation Services including Document Translation, Conference Interpretation, Audio/Video Transcription, Proofreading and Editing, one ought to clearly know if the service provider possesses the above qualities.



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