We are a leading  translation services provider based in Kampala Uganda catering for African language translations and other major languages spoken globally. Our  African Language Translations  include Document translation, Interpretation Solutions and Audio/Video Transcription hence our firm delivers all language solutions including document translation, on-site consecutive interpreting solutions as well as audio/ video transcription and translation.

Due to the above, Igloos Consultancy Services is an ideal partner for your language translation needs in Uganda and Africa in general. We deliver translation services for virtually all African languages and other non African languages including all the languages used at the United Nations. We are currently serving leading world corporations, non-governmental organizations, companies, Institutions and Individuals globally.

In addition to the above, our firm provides clients with notarized document translation which is accepted since virtually all our translators are certified. Furthermore, we have expertise in translating websites into various African languages as well as non-African languages.

Our linguistic network consists of a team of in-house resources as well as a huge team of carefully screened and recruited freelance professionals who collaborate on our projects regularly. We have stringent recruitment procedures for translators before they become part of our team. For Ugandan languages, all translations are done in-house due to availability of expert translators for all languages working within our office premises.

Additionally, our translation rates are low though this does not compromise the quality of the work we do. We therefore work within your budget and in line with your project requirements.

For all your translation needs in Africa therefore, please get in touch with us with full details of your project and one of our team members shall get in touch instantly. We ensure that our clients get an instant response after contacting us since we believe that every time we are contacted, that specific client has a specific need that requires our full attention.