Technical Translation Services

Igloos Consultancy Services provides high quality and professional technical translation services to companies and institutions worldwide. Technical translations require a high level of knowledge and mastery of the relevant industry terminology hence we provide an industry tailored translation using experienced linguists.

Technical translations cover a wide range of documents spanning to all technological and scientific subjects within several industry fields. Elements such as material specifications, operating manuals and technical reports are some of the various documents we translate on a frequent basis.

This type of translation requires precision and accuracy hence no room for mistakes – technical writing has to be accurate, and precise to the point, hence challenging the translator with the task of producing a perfect word-for-word translation while maintaining the meaning.

Fields we handle in Technical Translation

  • Energy
  • IT
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Auto sector
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Tools and Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical Terminology


Use of Correct and accurate technical terminology is essential in professional translations. Our translators have wide experience in several fields. We believe that an accurate translation is only possible when it is done by a native linguist who is also an industry professional.  Besides, he /she must have knowledge translating files within his/her industry.

Our company provides tailor made translations that are accurate and professionally done with correct industry terminology. Additionally, our translators are experts in fields such as Information Technology, engineering, Oil and gas, among others. We work with linguists who are familiar with the respective industry terminology. For African Languages, we ensure that we provide additional training to our translators in the up-to-date glossary of technical terms that are specific to their industry to ensure quality work. This is because the translation industry is still growing on the continent.

For more information about our professional Technical Translations please contact us. You can email us at and we shall definitely get in touch within a shortest time possible.