Our firm provides Interpreting services in Uganda and across Africa. We provide all interpreting Services for any occasion such as Court Interpreting, Conference interpreting, Medical interpreting services, Legal interpreting services among others. Our interpreters are experienced in both consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting. Besides, our Interpreting services are reliable since all interpreters are professionals in their respective industries.

We cater for several languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swahili, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Luganda and other Ugandan local languages.

A little about Conference interpreting

Conference Interpreting occurs mostly in business meetings or in local and international conferences. This is vital since it enables meetings to run smoothly with participants able to understand each other better. Both simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation can be used in conferences depending on the number of participants.

Simultaneous interpretation happens when an interpreter interprets for someone in another language while a speaker speaks without any interruption. It is the most common form of interpretation used  . Additionally, People often prefer this type of interpretation due to the fact that it shortens time of the meeting and enables speech consistency.

Consecutive Interpretation on the other hand involves the message being relayed in a target language as soon as the speaker has concluded his speech or within the speech but at the end of each passage.

Besides Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting, there is whisper interpreting where the interpreter whispers to the listeners having listened to the speaker.

These types of interpretation can only be effectively done by professional interpreters. This is so because they possess the expertise and experience to deliver high quality services without mistakes.

Our Interpretation Services.

Our firm provides the following interpreter services in Uganda and across Africa.

  • Consecutive Interpreters
  • Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Face to face Interpreters
  • Uganda Sign language interpreters
  • Business interpreters
  • Legal interpreters

For high quality interpreting services in Uganda  and across Africa therefore, kindly get in touch with us by email at info@igloosconsultancyservices.com or give us a call.  Once we receive your request, one of our team members shall definitely get in touch as soon as possible.