Medical Translation Services

Our company provides Medical Translation Services for several medical document types. Are you in need of high-quality medical translation services? Igloos Consultancy Services is a leading provider of medical translation services and professional translation services to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. We cater for a wide range medical areas such as biotechnology, neurosurgery, dentistry and veterinary, among others. We believe that accuracy is critical in medical translations because it has to do with people’s healthcare and existence itself. Any wrong translation in the medical field puts people’s lives and existence at the highest risk. This implies that there is absolutely no room for the most minute of errors in medical translation since this could  infringe on strict international laws  and potential health risks.

Document types we handle in Medical Translation

  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Hospital & insurance reports
  • Medical journals
  • Clinical reports and studies
  • Medical brochures
  • Medical software
  • Pharmaceutical guidelines
  • Medical terminology glossaries
  • Pharmaceutical translation


It is important to note that the growing distribution of drugs and devices across countries has increased the demand for medical translations for effective usage of the supplied drugs.  To effectively inform medical professionals and patients about the benefits of their products, pharmaceutical companies across the world must translate clinical trial reports, drugs catalogues and marketing material and other medical materials into several target languages. Our translators have vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry and also possess experience in translating medical documents. We use mother tongue linguists who are fluent in both the source language and the target. This makes our services accurate hence accurate medical translation.

Besides, we provide medical translation in more than 250 languages  including;

  • German medical translation services
  • Afrikaans medical translation services
  • French medical translation services
  • Chinese medical translation services
  • Spanish medical translation services
  • Swahili medical translation services
  • Luganda medical translation services

We therefore cater for over 250 languages spoken worldwide

Besides medical document translation, Igloos Consultancy Services offers medical interpreting services, scientific translation, medical transcription services, medical research translation as well as pharmaceutical translation services into several languages we support

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