Human Rights and Immigration

Our company provides Translation Services on human rights and Immigration issues. Over the years, we have partnered with several human rights bodies in promotion and fulfillment of their agenda. This ranges from community meetings on human rights issues, meetings on immigration, meetings on women empowerment and emancipation, rights to good health, Development meetings, among others. Our linguists are highly equipped and dedicated to working with you on both local and international levels to reach our majority of people in need world over.

We have over the years facilitated the work of several human rights organizations through provision of professional translation services. Our work includes the following;

  • Provision of Interpretation for conferences,
    meetings and seminars
  • Interpretation in Panel discussions and provision of translation and transcription services for the recorded discussions
  • Translation of Petitions
  • Translation of Passports and other Travel Documents. We provide both regular and certified translation services
  • Providing translation services for documentaries and subtitling services
  • Translation of press releases into several languages and sometimes translation of reports such as annual and quarterly reports
  • Translation of content in seminars. We also provide professional interpretation services in seminars
  • Website translation and Localization. We help in translating your website into several languages and to adapt it to the local context.
  • Translation and Transcription of eye witness reports from victims of human rights abuse