We provide Audio and Video Transcription Services in Uganda and our firm has vast experience in transcribing Video and Audio files. We transcribe files in different languages and for various industry fields. Some of the industries we handle including; Medical, Legal, Marketing, Banking, Tourism and Hospitality. Our transcriptions include among others Conference transcription, Interview transcription, Conference transcription, Podcast transcription, Audio/video transcription, among others

Igloos Consultancy Services deals in several file formats while transcribing files. Some of the file formats we use include Video, Audio Cassette, CD, DVD, MP4, MP3, AVI, among others

Additionally, we provide transcription, subtitling and translation services for several media industries. our team of transcriptionists has the best turn around time. Some of the media transcriptions we provide include; Movies, Documentaries, music files, media events and television programs and conference transcription services. Our transcription services cater for over 250 languages including all Ugandan languages and other languages spoken elsewhere in Africa and beyond.

We provide transcription for several conference types such as Seminars, Focus group discussions, Board meetings, Research interviews, Web conferences, presentations, among others.

Our firm has a rich team of transcribers for several industry fields such as Medical, Financial, legal, Agriculture, Advertising and business and many more.

Some of the languages we transcribe include; Luganda, Ateso Runyankore, Acholi, Lusoga, Lingala, Kikongo, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Kuku, Dinka, Nuerl, Kiswahili, Adhola, Arabic, Karamojong, Lopit, Juba Arabic, Lumasaba, Samia, Lugbara, lango among others. We cater for over 250 languges including all Ugandan languages and other languages spoken in Africa and beyond.

Please get in touch with us for high quality transcription services in Uganda . Our transcription rates are affordable and we are keen to every detail to ensure that the transcripts are error free. We ensure that your transcript reflects the true recording in the source file. This is due to the commitment in our expert team of transcribers