Our firm provides Document Translation  in Uganda covering several African as well as other international languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, among others.  Besides Document translation in Uganda, we provide Interpretation services and Audio/ Video transcription catering for over 250 languages. Some of the languages we translate into include; Luganda, Ateso, Runyankore, Lugbara, Adhola, Lingala, Swahili, Lusoga, Ngakarimojong/ Karimojong, Lumasaba, Kupsapiiny/ Sabin, Acholi, Lango, French, Spanish, among others. Besides, we offer translation Services for all official languages used at the United Nations Organization including; Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish. Occasionally on Client request, we provide translation services for other languages spoken in Europe and Asia. We work with a team of carefully chosen native linguists in different countries hence providing quality services. Our team of in-house linguists based in our Kampala Office is sufficient to cater for all Ugandan language needs hence being a leading translations agency in Uganda. Additionally, we cater for various industry fields including Medical translation, legal translation, Educational translation, Marketing translation, Tourism and hospitality, among others.

Additionally, Translation for Ugandan languages is done in-house by our team of translators who work with us on full time basis. For non Ugandan languages, we work with a team of carefully recruited and assessed freelance translators who work with us on regular basis.

What is unique about our services is that all our linguists are native speakers of their respective languages with professional training in translation and expertise in their respective industry fields. We believe in professionalism in all our undertakings hence providing highest quality translation services.

Our translation process involves a source file being translated by a native professional linguist who in turn proofreads his work. After it has been translated, the translation is given to an independent linguist to review. After the review has been done, the two linguists sit to reconcile their work and later forward to our quality Assurance team to scrutinize before submission to the client.