Medical Research Translation

Our company provides Medical Research Translation services during medical research. In medical research translation, we provide translation of materials that are used to facilitate the process of conducting successful medical research. We cater for over 250 languages spoken in Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe.

We are currently serving reputable companies and organizations involved in medical research, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Our translators for this are medical professionals and industry specialists hence are familiar with the industry terminologies.

Medical research is an important aspect in medical, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries hence it has to be effectively done to enhance the growth and development of major discoveries, innovations and inventions  in medicine can be made.

During the process, tests and trials are carried out to ascertain the effectiveness of the study or discovery hence for this to be done, materials have to be developed to aid the process.

Our company provides translation of the materials that are used in medical research. We translate documents from and into several languages in Africa and worldwide.

We know that accuracy is vital in this process hence we endeavor to provide professional translation services during your medical research. We therefore carry out each project with keenness and sensitivity since any mistake in this field could cost life.

Medical Research Translation – Services Provided

We translate several documents from and into several languages. Some of the services provided during medical research include the following

  • Translation of Questionnaires
  • Translation of Patient or participant Consent forms
  • Translation of Test results
  • Translation of Training materials
  • Translation of Marketing materials
  • Translation of Instructions for use – For drugs, devices or any test /trial materials
  • Interpretation for those carrying out medical research.
  • Translation of Patient brochures and forms
  • Translation Patient ID Cards

Are you conducting any medical research in Africa or anywhere in the world or intend to do so soon, you definitely need a reliable language partner. We are reliable translations service provider for your medical research translation in Africa and across the world. We work with thousands of carefully recruited translators in Africa and across the world hence over 250 languages are covered yet still counting. Get in touch today for your medical research translation by emailing us at or give us a call at +256704699708