Our firm was established by a team of devout language experts to provide culturally befitting  Interpretation and Translation services  to global clients. We believe that an accurate translation and interpretation should take into consideration the cultural perspective and should be by native translators and interpreters. Besides African languages, we provide translation and interpretation services for over 50 non African languages including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, German , Russian, Polish, among others. Our translation and interpretation  is professional and of top notch quality covering over 40 Ugandan languages and more than 200 other African and non African languages. Besides, our translation rates are reasonable though  quality remains our mandate.

We provide translation services for variety of languages spoken in Africa and beyond some of which include; Luganda, Acholi, Lingala, Amharic, Luo , Kikongo, Igbo, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Swahili Lusoga, Ateso, Somali , Arabic, Adhola, Dinka Karamojong, Oromo, Nuer, Soninke Tigrinya Wolof Xhosa, Kwazulu Swati , Tsonga , Samia, Ndebele, Alur, Lugisu, Sabin, Akan, French, Portuguese, Russian, Kinyarwanda, Japanese, Kirundi, Runyankore, Malagasy, Sango, Krio, Lugwere, Lugbara, Mad’i, Juba Arabic, Kakwa, Kikuy, Chewa, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, etc

For all your interpretation and translation needs in Africa, please do get in touch with us today. You may email us at info@igloosconsultancyservices.com or give us a call at +256704699708.