South Sudan Crisis and Translation Industry in Uganda

26 Jun 2018 Igloos

The South Sudan Crisis and translation industry in Uganda have impacted each other than ever before. Uganda, once described as the pearl of Africa is a country located in Eastern Africa. It is  the third biggest economy in the region after Kenya, Tanzania . It hosts close to 100,000 South Sudan refugees hence creating an effect in relation to South Sudan Crisis and the translation industry in Uganda.

The country is bordered by Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Tanzania in the South and Rwanda and Burundi in the South west. It is known for its rich soils and cool environment. Additionally, it is also said that Uganda is the only country in East Africa where an ordinary citizen can easily access food without going to the market. This is attributed to the fertile lands and the good weather patterns.

Ugandans are known for their hospitality and welcoming attitude towards refugees hence the growing number of foreigners in the Country.

The country has about 40 native dialects spoken across the regions with Bantu being the largest ethnic group. Some of the bantu languages spoken in the Country include; Luganda, Lusoga, Lugwere, Lusamia, Runyankitara languages, Lugisu, Runyore, Rukonjo,among others.

According to world economic forum report 2017, Uganda hosts over one million South Sudan refugees hence making it the leading host of refugees in Africa in recent decades. The country’s refugee policy however is amazing since the government has an open refugee policy.

Uganda’s work with refugees in partnership with other humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR, Save the children, Oxfam, among others is of paramount importance in the existing humanitarian crisis in the region.

The constant flow of refugees from South Sudan and other neigbouring countries such as DRC and Burundi into Uganda has stimulated the need for translation services in the country hence South Sudan Crisis and Translation Industry in Uganda have greatly impacted on each other. As refugees flee the conflict, the aid agencies need to interact with them hence the need for Interpreters. At times, interviews are recorded in different languages and need to be transcribed and translated into several target languages for an appropriate action.

Therefore, Uganda in the recent years since the beginning of the South Sudan conflict and the conflicts in the neighboring countries has experienced unprecedented upsurge for the need for the service. It is for this reason that Professional translation services are now being sought from time to time and are absolutely necessary for effective service delivery.




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