Hiring African Translation agency over a freelance translator

7 Jan 2019 Igloos

From the client perspective, when having African languages translation needs, hiring a freelance translator may seem easy but hiring African  translation agency over a freelance translator definitely helps to have unprecedented boost in the African market.

Africa is a continent with diverse cultural identities and languages ranging 1900 to 2000. This portrays the diversity and cultural immensity on the African continent hence to have business penetrate into the African market, hiring African translation agency over a freelance translator could be beneficial in reaching out to the target audience in their tongues and this can best be done through translation of the message from the source language to the native African language or vice versa.

It is therefore incumbent upon the policy makers, investors and all potential business makers on the African continent to identify reliable agencies for African professional translation services that suit their specific needs while capturing the identity and cultural identities in a given language.

Benefits of Hiring African  translation agency over a freelance translator

Good project management is an essential factor in any professional work. By hiring a professional agency, you can be sure of your project being handled by a right person who is well versed with the industry requirements and processes. There are well laid our structures in terms of human resource and quality assurance strategies to see to it that a client gets the best and that each client is handled individually while catering for their individual needs. Besides, there are several steps followed before work gets submitted to the client. These steps are aimed at ensuring that work is error free and is in line with the client requirements.

Professional agencies have stringent translator / interpreter recruitment policies to see to it that only competent translators are assigned to undertake every client’s project. The translators and interpreters are usually native speakers with both professional training and experience in the respective industry fields in which they are translators/ interpreters. As a result, a professional linguist is familiar with the industry terminology and all the minute details that are required to perform his/her work with competence and accuracy. Besides, native speakers are familiar with the culture, geography, unique characteristics and several other characteristics peculiar to a given language

Additionally, before work is submitted to the client, it is carefully proofread by an independent source to check if the work is accurately translated and if not advise accordingly and make recommendations. He/ she checks the spelling, grammar, context, cultural bits and all the necessary edits for quality work.

It is no doubt that an African based translation agency has a bigger mantle to provide culturally befitting translation services. The familiarity with the indigenous languages and culture, access to competent resources are some of the outstanding advantages.

By: Susan Oyugu

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