Understanding Runyakitara

7 Jan 2019 Igloos

Runyakitara is a common word used by language practitioners most importantly those engaged in the study of Ugandan languages and in the translation industry hence understanding Runyakitara and what it actually means is worthy deciphering.

Clients in the translation industry are fond of asking for Runyakitara translation services but the question is does such a single language actually exist? Does Runyakitara exist as a single language or what exactly is it?

Simply put, Runyakitara is a name given to the four major languages spoken in Western Uganda namely, Runyankore, Rukiga, Rutooro and Runyoro. The four languages are closely related to each other and speakers are able understand one another in both written and spoken forms. However, there are differences in some words inform of spelling, meaning and pronunciation.

It is also important to note that the dialects can better be understood in the following categories or pairs ; Runyankore – Rukiga , Rutooro – Runyoro. This implies that a speaker of Runyankore can better understand a Rukiga speaker and Rutooro for Runyoro and vice versa .

Just as Lwo in Uganda which is a name given to the family of several dialects such as Acholi, Lango, Adhola, Alur and Kumam , Runyakitara is a broad name that defines/ describes the four main languages of western Uganda.

Basing on the above, it is therefore important to assert that there is no single language called Runyakitara or Lwo. These are classes of languages, having a number of dialects closely related to each other and belonging to the same language family.

When google interface was translated into Runyakitara, one would imagine if it was translated into one single language called Runyakitara but is quite clear that the translation may have been done into two languages then adaptation was made to suit the four languages in the Runyakitara family.

Therefore, Understanding Runyakitara language implies the four main languages or dialects of western Uganda which include Runyankore, Rukiga, Runyoro and Rutooro. It is with this in mind that a professional translator can be in position to provide Runyakitara professional translation services and possibly provide professional guidance to the clients


The author of this Article is a Runyankore translator with Igloos Consultancy Services.



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