Key Benefits of renting a tour guide interpretation Equipment

23 Jan 2020 Igloos

Key Benefits of  renting a tour guide interpretation Equipment

Tour guide interpretation equipment, also known as Bidule equipment provides much needed audio reinforcement solutions in situations when the speaker’s voice must overcome distance and any back ground interference such as noise as may be the case in the factory, church and or school tour.

The system consists of wireless transmitter with a microphone that broadcasts the voice of the tour leader or the interpreter to the specific individual receivers with plugged-in headphones or earbuds . In this case, the receivers are distributed to the group to enable each person to hear the speaker at a personal level. For instance, with the help of the interpreter, one is able to listen to the interpretation in the language they understand best.

The system helps the speakers to save their voices, save time, keep listener’s attention and better comprehension of the relayed message. Additionally, the system enhances better hearing among the hearing impaired at the public meetings

The multichannel tour guide system/ equipment enables effective interpretation in a multilingual setting hence enabling a two-way communication between tour guides and groups

Why should you rent a tour guide system anyway?

There are several reasons as to why you should rent the tour guide system. Below are some of the benefits of renting a tour guide system for your upcoming event

  • Helps to avoid the cost of buying

Although acquiring one for yourself may be another option, one needs to keep in the mind the cost implication including the purchase cost, storage and maintenance. A good quality tour guide interpretation system is quite expensive to buy yet if not well stored and maintained could put one into a financial loss. To purchase implies that you need to have a sound engineer to operate and maintain besides securing good storage for it. Short of which you risk a break down. Other costs involved include purchasing additional components and or upgrading the obsolete systems. This is quite significant in the contemporary world of innovations. Hiring a competent sound engineer to maintain the equipment is quite costly as well yet you may use the system irregularly. As a result, it becomes more cost effective  and reasonable to simply rent whenever you require since you can be sure of ordering a state of art system any time

  • Easy customization for each event

Renting the tour guide system saves you from continually augmenting the number of receivers and transmitters. Renting allows you to get the system that exactly suits your numbers and needs. You are able to order a system for specific number of participants and interpreters at a reasonable cost hence no risk of under or overestimation

Additionally, it allows flexibility in scheduling your event. You do not for instance have to restrict the location of your event to one location or region for fear of carrying bulky equipment. With renting, you simply have to order for a sound system in  a specific country or region of your choice

Word of Caution!

If you ever decide to rent tour guide interpretation  equipment/ system, choose a company that has expertise, reputable and has great customer service. One great way of ascertaining this fact is by checking the company’s previous customers. A company that has served reputable organizations before and is able to share the contact information of the previous customers is the one you ought to consider. With this , you can be sure of  a quality service and no risk of  being defrauded

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